Future Forests (Fiji) Ltd ( “Future Forests Fiji” or “FFF” ) is a company established and incorporated in Fiji in 2005. FFF has invested considerable funds and established over 200 Ha ( 500 acres) of mainly Teak plantation forest in the Provinces of Ra and Nadroga in the Western Division of Fiji.
FFF main operations office is in Savulu, Ra Province. FFF main nursery is located in Tova, Ra Province. Finance and administration office is located at Kadavu House Cottages off Victoria Parade in Suva.

The company listed on the South Pacific Stock Exchange on 21st November 2011 under the exchange code FFF for shares and FFFN for notes.

company structure

The governance of FFF is vested in a Board of Directors. The directors are independent and have a range of professional expertise but include that of investment, finance, legal and environmental.

Company Directors

Dr. Dick Watling (Acting Chairman)
Mr. Peter McPherson
Mr. Paul McDonnell

Company Secretary

Mr. Roderic Evers


Stephen Clark - General Manager
Kajal Sharma - Office Manager
Koli Selasatino Kaitani - Senior Forest Ranger
Emosi Cagi - Planning & GIS Officer
Reshmi Devi Chand - Nursery Manager
Mukesh Chand - Maintenance Superintendent

summary of achievements

  1. An estimated area of over 200 Ha (500 acres) of forest plantation established of mainly Teak on freehold and leased land
  2. Expansion of land estate to an estimate 628 Ha (1,551 acres)
  3. An estimate 340 Ha ( 840 acres ) available and suitable for planting immediately and an estimate further 773 Ha ( 1,909 acres) of land available for lease
  4. GIS land/compartment database set up and plantations accurately mapped by site type using GPS and detailed timber inventory completed.
  5. Nursery further expanded to increase supply of Teak seedlings and also seedlings of other tree species. Part of annual Teak seed collection from identified parent trees with good log quality and vigour
  6. Successful vegetative propagation cuttings trials undertaken
  7. Commenced building up seed planting stock of other tree species.Such trees are planted on sites not suitable for Teak and also alongside riparian strips ( watercourses)
  8. Completed utilisation study of 5 year old Teak logs at the Forestry Department of Forest Utilisation at Nasinu, Suva and manufactured a range of finished joinery prototype products made from logs of 5 year old trees
  9. Completed a resource and feasibility study for sawmilling of Pine, Mahogany and other species to generate additional revenue for the company.
  10. Main operations office set up at Savulu Point, Ra Province with retail yard for sale of seedlings.
  11. Proper equipment procured for testing soil depth and fertility
  12. Unit costs determined for each plantation operation and work study undertaken to review contract rates per terrain and vegetation type
  13. Improved awareness and level of OHS at operational level
  14. Proper fire fighting equipment procured
  15. Commenced a 15 Ha planting project for local communities in Nadrala, Nadroga Province to restore degraded land to forest. The Project is a partnership between FFF and NatureFiji with funding from the Global Environment Fund (GEF).
  16. Commenced a project to assist rural communities in Namosi and Naitasiri Provinces, to set up their own tree nurseries. The project is funded by Newcest Mining Company to produce tree seedlings for re-habilitation of mine exploration sites and access roads.
Other tree species available from FFF nursery

Trade name

Local name

Scientific name



Santalum album



Swietenia macrophylla



Fluegga flexuosa



Intsia bijuga



Calophyllum vitiensis



Endospermum macrophylum



Myristica castanefolia



Syzygium fijiensis

Kauri Pine


Dakua makadre

She-Oak / Ironwood


Casuarina equisetifolia



Acacia mangium

Malay Apple


Syzygium malaccense

PNG Walnut


Dracantomelon vitiensis



Cananga odorata



Citrus species

White Teak


Gmelina arborea

Caribbean Pine


Pinus caribbaea

"in a world which is experiencing unprecedented deforestation and widespread global environmental threats
there is something intuitively right about planting a tree"

Ra Fiji, Nursery