why invest in teak tree plantations

Teak trees currently only meet 5% of global demand.
5.5% annual growth in global Teak prices over the last 30 years.

Projected Internal Rate of Return of 20% on sawn timber.
Strong potential capital growth returns from a steadily growing and renewable natural resource.

Diversify into the only agro-industry company listed on the SPSE.
No tax on Share dividends for companies listed on the SPSE.

Gain pride that you;
Contribute towards poverty alleviation as our industry provides employment in remote rural areas.
Help build a renewable resource that brings in valuable foreign exchange for our nation.
Reduce your carbon footprint with this renewable green sustainable environmental investment.
Enhance the soil, water and biodiversity, minimise landslides and improve productivity overall.

our medium-term plans 2013-17

- Maintain existing plantations.
- Continue plantation estate expansion by at least 100 Ha (247 acres) per annum at base level subject to funds availability.
- Generate revenue from sale of seedlings, timber milling and trading, contract planting, contract plantation management as well as from sales of in-house manufactured wood

products and other available log types.
- Certify FFF plantations in accordance with international standards as being well managed.


how to invest in FFF

Contact the South Pacific Stock Exchange for a list of licensed stock brokers and investment advisors.
You may invest in Future Forests Fiji Ordinary Shares or Converting Notes

current contact details

Shareholders and noteholders have the responsibility to provide their current up to date contact details.

Email our Registry & Accounts Officer of the South Pacific Stock Exchange (SPSE) to inform on your change in contact details.

Mail, fax, visit or call SPSE, Level 2, Provident Plaza 1, 33 Ellery Street, Suva, Fiji.
T (+679) 330 4130 | (+679) 331 3764 | F (+679) 330 4145

Matters pertaining to loss of share certificate/statements or reissue of stale/lost cheques or direct deposit of dividend/interest details require forms which can be made available upon request by contacting SPSE as per above.

"in a world which is experiencing unprecedented deforestation and widespread global environmental threats
there is something intuitively right about planting a tree"

Ra Fiji, Nursery