Medium term plans    2013-17

  • Maintain existing plantations of an estimate 200 Ha plus ( 500 acres). Generate revenues from sale of seedlings, forestry consulting and contract planting services.
  • Manufacture and sell wood products from Teak and other available log types to generate further revenue.
  • Continue plantation estate expansion by at least 40 Ha ( 100 acres)) per annum at base level subject to funds availability
  • Certify FFF plantations in accordance with international standards as being well managed

why invest in FFF

  • Teak trees currently only meet 5% of global demand.
  • Projected Internal Rate of Return of 20% on sawn timber.
  • 5.5% annual growth in global Teak prices over the last 30 years.
  • Strong potential capital growth returns starting in year 1 from a steadily growing and renewable natural resource.
  • Diversify into the only agro-industry company to be listed on the SPSE.
  • In-house expertise and research and development of Teak built-on over 70 years of Teak growth in Fiji.
  • Strong potential Share dividends from 2017 onwards.
  • No tax on Share dividends for companies listed on the SPSE.

how to invest in FFF

Contact the South Pacific Stock Exchange for a list of licensed stock brokers and investment advisors.

You may invest in Future Forests Fiji Ordinary Shares or Converting Notes

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Establish your own Teak plantation investment

FFF offers consultancy services and supplies seedlings to enable you to establish your own forestry investment. You can use your spare land to invest in and grow trees. FFF advises on which tree species are most suited to plant on your land. Apart from creating income for retirement and for your children’s future, your forest plantation will contribute to improving soils, water and air and the natural habitat for our flora and fauna, whilst producing a renewable and sustainable resource that may be made into high value wood products.

Future Forests Fiji services include

  • Check the soil and vegetation of your land and advise the most suitable trees to grow and advise on the likely returns and benefits
  • Supply tree seedlings of Teak, Mahogany, Sandalwood and other mainly indigenous trees species
  • Advise how to successfully establish and maintain the growth and health of your trees
  • Undertake contract planting and tree maintenance services
  • Prepare inventory and log harvesting plans for plantation, woodlots and natural forests
  • Train communities to set up their own tree nurseries

Contact us for more information on : 3310022 or

Establish Forests

Know that you are contributing toward poverty alleviation as the industry provides employment in remote rural areas
Feel satisfaction that the soil, water and biodiversity values are being enhanced and the atmosphere cleansed of pollutants.

Have pride that you are helping build a renewable resource that brings in valuable foreign exchange for our nation and mostly made of simple clean items such as sunlight, soil nutrients, water and the atmosphere that are not imported.