our operations

Since 2005, over 200 hectares (500 acres) of Teak plantations have been established in the Provinces of Ra and 48 Ha in Nadroga Province on the main island of Viti Levu.We annually expand the plantation estate by planting Teak on deep, fertile and well drained soils and plant other better suitable tree species on pieces of land that are unsuitable for Teak.

We expect to commence commercial harvest of trees from 9 years of age by thinning the trees out, and retaining the better quality trees for final harvest after 20-25 years.

our yields

The older FFF plantations have been measured for timber volume and growth. Fixed permanent sample plots are in place to monitor wood volume growth and provide estimates on wood volume to be removed in thinnings.

(thinnings refers to the trees removed during re-spacing, to provide more room for the better quality trees to grow larger.)

our nursery

The nursery has a germination capacity of 450,000 seedlings and is located at Tova Valley in Ra Province. We produce tree seedlings of Teak (Tectona grandis) plus in a lesser capacity other valuable tree species, such as Mahogany, Vesi and Sandalwood.
Surplus seedlings are offered for sale to the public.

For a list of tree species available for order please click here.

our services

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Whilst we prioritise expanding our own plantations, we offer services to the public to generate an interim income.

We mill & trade timber, sell seedlings and offer our expert advice through two distinct contractual services that assist you to establish your own medium to long term forestry investment on your own underutilised and previously cleared land. The service is aimed for you to generate an income from your land, including abandoned sugarcane land, and for you to secure an income for your retirement and for your children’s future. It is a revenue secured investment as we offer the option to purchase your matured trees at market value.


FFF is in the process of undertaking environmental impact assessments and forest certification, in accordance to the Forest Stewardship Council standards and principles. Once products are manufactured these may then be labelled as sourced from certified well managed, sustainable forests. Such labelling shall aid the company to access higher value markets.

FFF & community

Small scale farming dominates the local economy as no significant industrial or commercial enterprises are established in the region of our Teak plantation. The establishment of our plantations has brought significant social and financial benefits to the many small village communities, as FFF currently provides employment for more than 100 people. The Company provides a range of facilities and benefits for its employees and these include transportation from the villages to the plantations, safety equipment, ongoing training and medical care. Our employees show a high level of dedication and motivation, and demonstrate a high level of job satisfaction which contributes to the Company’s productivity.

FFF also offers financial assistance to local schools and promotes health and environmental education. Teak remains a valuable timber that is sought after and valued by the international market. With the Company’s assistance in the development of the first independently owned village nursery in Mataso village, the future financial impacts are promising to enhance the local livelihoods in the long term.

We also commenced;

  • a 15 Ha planting project for local communities in Nadrala, Nadroga Province to restore degraded land to forest. The Project is a partnership between FFF and NatureFiji with funding from the Global Environment Fund (GEF).
  • a project to assist rural communities in Namosi and Naitasiri Provinces, to set up their own tree nurseries. The project is funded by Newcest Mining Company to produce tree seedlings for re-habilitation of mine exploration sites and access roads.

Whilst it is more effective to undertake manufacturing operations in or near the current commercial centres like Suva or Lautoka, FFF is committed to establishing manufacturing in and around the company plantations and thereby creating further expansion of employment and income opportunities in the rural areas.

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